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Home K9 Mega Benefits Dog Muscle Enhancement Supplement
Dog Muscle Enhancement Supplement

K9 Mega® All-In-One Complete® dog supplement can be used to induce lean muscle mass building in dogs! It offers complete recovery after exercise and replaces vital nutrients used during strenuous activities! It is power-packed with dog muscle enhancing ingredients!

K9 Mega® All-In-One Complete® is power-packed with dog muscle building ingredients. It is formulated to naturally induce muscle growth in dogs and is the Ultimate Dog Muscle Supplement!

  • Dog Muscle Mass Building
  • Dog Muscle Growth (Lean, Solid Muscle in Dogs)
  • Dog Muscle Recovery

At advanced maintenance levels  K9 Mega® All-In-One Complete® dog supplement works wonders for muscle enhancement, muscle mass building and muscle growth. Feeding at advanced maintenance levels not only gives your K9 Athlete a tremendous "healthy" energy boost, but it also induces more strength and powerful movements which aid your dog to perform and work harder with less exhaustion!  K9 Mega® All-In-One Complete® is power packed with 47% protein and 24% fat per scoop which help supply the metabolic needs of K9 Athletes and highly active dogsK9 Mega® All-In-One Complete® also contains 500mg of Creatine with multiple Amino Acids for endurance, increased muscle mass, and recovery after exercise.


K9 Mega Dog Supplement Canine Nutrition

Major Benefits: Advanced Muscle Enhancement, and Weight Management!

K9 Mega All In One Guaranteed Analysis

K9 Mega® All-in-One Complete® contains no beef or soy protein and is naturally flavored!


Feeding Instructions for Dog Muscle Enhancement & Muscle Mass Building:

  • 1.)  Begin feeding your dog Daily Maintenance levels and gradually increase to Advanced Maintenance levels by week three.
  • 2.)  Locate the appropriate Advanced Maintenance feeding amount based on your dogs weight.
  • 3.)  Apply the recommended Advanced Maintenance serving amount over top of your dogs food.
  • 4.)  Then serve!

Special Notes:

  • SUPPLEMENT AFTER WORKOUTS: Supplementing with K9 Mega® All-In-One Complete® post workout helps restore amino acids and carbohydrates used during exercise which assist in rapid recovery and recuperation after strenuous physical activity.
  • If needed you may also apply more than the recommended Advanced Maintenance level depending on your particular dogs needs and condition. Just be sure to begin feeding Daily Maintenance levels then gradually increase to Advanced Maintenance levels.



No artifical flavors, colors, or chemical preservatives!